Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer, at last!

After 24 hours door-to-door (thank you Ambien), I have safely arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, at last!

It is stunningly beautiful here and so deliciously warm--- sunny and in 70's I guess (but felt warmer).

Perhaps I have been in NYC too long, but the people here are super friendly. I spent the afternoon atop Table Mountain and when I asked a local to take a picture (see right), I was soon invited to tea at their house. Then I spent a nice long wait to get to the bottom with a charming British couple (I had bought a one-way ticket, but it quickly became clear that I was NOT trekking down an almost vertical descent in sport sandals and and a skirt). The South Africans also seem to have a really charming sense of humor based on the flight attendants and cable car operator.

Although Table Mountain is often closed due to cloud cover or high winds, I totally lucked out with a completely cloudless day- with 360 degree views that went on forever. Pretty, pretty and more pretty!

I then took a shared taxi all over the city and ended up at the V&A Waterfront, which is pretty touristy, but still not bad to look at. Sure, it came with your standard street performers, but the limbo-ing fire a foot off the ground was still pretty impressive!!!
Now I am back at the Backpacker & Africa Travel Center, which is actually kinda nice, enjoying a glass of Pinotage and writing you all! Wish you were here with me!


  1. Sounds awesome alerady! Wish I was there too!!

  2. It all looks fantastic (you know, except for the cable car...)

  3. Laura- you'd love this cable car, it has a revolving floor so everyone gets a 360 degree view!