Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shhhh, Don't Tell

Everything seemed beautiful until....Slovenia!
It is gorgeous!!!!!!!

After a train and bus combo, I was in Lake Bled for a late lunch at my guesthouse on the top of a very steep hill (damn this backpack!).

Unfortunately the weather had started to deteriorate along the way, which isn't great when in a lake town full of outdoorsy activities.

When the downpour turned to a sprinkle I ventured back down the hill for a walk around the lake.

It is SO nice, with a swimming complex, fishing area, rowing center (Slovenia's first and only Olympic gold was in rowing) and cafes along the way. However, what it is most famous for is the church built on an island in the middle of the lake and a castle on the hill atop. Again, gorgeous!

It was so pretty I felt the need to leave it the next morning (it was sunny, yay) for a side trip to Lake Bohinj about 45 minutes away. This lake was reported to be even more beautiful.
The drive through the mountain towns was lovely and once there, it took all my willpower not to paraglide when I saw people flying around the lake and mountains (I might have done it had I not had 3pm plans already).

After a 4K power walk I was at the Vogel Ski Resort cable car. I definitely didn't have enough time for this excursion, but I went to the top to see the spectacular views. I was only up there for half an hour since the cable car schedule was limited, but enough time to marvel at the mountains and lake and question why there were cows at 1535 meters. These Alps are nice!

Rush- back on the bus to Lake Bled for a quick borek (the worst on the many I had sampled so I had to supplement with a slice of the cream cake for which Bled is known) and off to CANYONING!
Canyoning is kinda ridiculous, but I have never done it so figured I would check it off the list.
It basically consists of navigating canyons by jumping (only 4 meters) into icy, shallow pools, sliding down rock formations and rappelling down canyon walls. We were fully wet suited, but it was still damn cold (they said it was 8 degrees C). Like the other silly adventure sports I have done, it was also really fun. Mario and Allen, our guides, were not so friendly at the start (I was beginning to question the company name Fun Turist), but ended up being really cool, as were my Brit, Scot and Brazilians mates.
Some of the drops and slides were a bit dicey- with a rope burned hard here and a banged elbow there. It was about the thousandth time on this trip that I said "I can't believe we didn't have to sign any liability waiver.... we would never be allowed to do this in the States."
Sadly there are no pictures of this craziness since the 20 euro price tag seemed too hefty at the time (plus, we looked ridiculous).

Unfortunately my plan to swim in the Lake Bled pool was foiled the next morning by more rain. I now know that hiking and biking in the rain are not my things, so I decided to make my way to my next destination where the weather was reported to be better.

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