Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yay, A Friendly Face!

Ah, civilization! :-)

Before heading to Italy I popped by London to see Denise, Bobby and baby Sofian. It was fabulous to see a friendly face and equally exciting to meet the baby, who is ADORABLE (as you can see)!

I also quite enjoyed the tasty food and shops-- I guess I missed city life more than I thought. I will also admit that I really loved the couch, tv and real bed with nice sheets and pillows, ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We really just hung out for a few days taking care of some much needed errands (aka- hair and eyebrows) and eating anything but rice (replaced with scones and clotted cream- yum).

My last day in London we were joined by Denise's mom and sis. It was lovely joining the family get together with Ma VV and Nat and having a delicious home cooked meal compliments of Bobby.

The stay was short, but such a good break from my break! ;-)

I was definitely sad to leave, but hopefully we'll catch up in August somewhere else in Europe.

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  1. awww i have just been able to read this - miss you! it was so good to have you here with us and to also see ma vv and nat!! hope to see you soon somewhere in europe!!