Sunday, April 11, 2010

Surfs Up

A few hours further up the Eastern Cape brings me to Jeffrey's Bay, home of Supertubes, one of the world's best waves and once described as 'the most perfect wave in the world'. It's a laid back beach town where surfing is everything.

So when in Rome... I spent the last 2 days attempting to learn how to surf in pretty big waves for a beginner--- 4-5 feet. It was quite a workout just getting out to catch the wave, only to fall down almost immediately, but Andrew at Wavecrest Surf School was great as I was his only pupil yesterday.

Day 2 fared much better as I was able to stand for a few more seconds and on a handful of occasions made it to the beach (like twice). I plan to surf a few more days up north where I won't need a wetsuit and hopefully the waves are a little more gentle (and my shoulder stops aching!).

For comparison, after trying myself, I spent some time watching the guys surf Supertubes---- pretty amazing since that wave is huge and apparently was even bigger yesterday (they were very excited). Some pretty spectacular wipeouts too, which was equally entertaining. One day maybe you'll catch me out there (okay, realistically that may require more than 1 year off to get that good).

The other nice thing about Jeffrey's Bay is the dolphins playing in the ocean while we eat breakfast on the patio--- this really doesn't suck!
One note about my fellow travelers- so far I have met lots of people, mostly from Belgium and Netherlands oddly enough. My one big observation- women travel alone much, much more than men--- guess woman are more adventurous! ;-)

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