Friday, April 9, 2010

My Last Day in Cape Town

Sorry, I've already gotten a bit behind thanks to South Africa wine country (so cheap and yummy, hard to not get side tracked!!)

So, here is my update from Monday, my last day in Cape Town.

As you can see from the pictures, my visit to the Cape of Point, the most SW point in the Continent, was a success--- over 12,500+ km from New York.

Had a really fun time there with Lindsey and Erik, a great couple from Connecticut who I met on the trip.

We biked against some major headwinds (glad I was spinning so much), hiked along the cliffs of Cape Point and beat all the Dutch, Germans, Indians, etc. (guess all Americans are a little competitive).

I know I am repeating myself, but the scenery here is stunning (and you get to do all sorts of great, adventurous stuff that would never be allowed in the US since kinda dangerous).

On the way to Cape Point we did a quick boat cruise to Seal Island (holy waves- was very thankful for motion sickness patch), which as the name would indicate was chock full of seals. Similarly, Boulders Beach, our next stop, was full of tiny African Penguin- a colony of 3000! They were pretty adorable.

Next post: Wine and Mountain Passes on way to Knysna


  1. Fantastic pictures and posts already. Keep it up and you'll have a book by the time you get back. xo

  2. Even with your entire wardrobe in a backpack, you still look stylish